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Cable USB to USB-C 3.0 Duracell 1m (black)

2.279 Ft (1.794 Ft + ÁFA)
Maximálisan rendelhető mennyiség: 37!
Cikkszám: 27406
Várható szállítás: 2023. április 13.
Szállítási díj: 1.640 Ft
Cable USB to USB-C 3.0 Duracell 1m (black) - 2.279 Ft -
20 év tapasztalat
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Cable USB to USB-C 3.0 Duracell 1m (black) -

Duracell USB to USB-C 3.0 cable 1m (black)

The Duracell cable is compatible with devices equipped with a USB-C port. With a voltage of 5V/3A, it charges faster than other such products. It also allows you to transfer files at a speed of 5 Gbps. Its length is 1m, and the use of high-quality materials ensures durability.

Charge your devices fast

The Duracell cable will make the problem of waiting a long time for your devices to be charged and ready for use a thing of the past! The USB5031A will charge your equipment in no time. Its voltage reaches as high as 5V/3A. Experience how fast you can charge your device's battery!

Instant data transfer

Forget about limitations and instantly transfer files to any device at speeds as fast as 5 Gbps. The USB5031A stands out for its impressive speed and uses the USB 3.2 Gen 1 protocol, so you can efficiently transfer photos, videos and other files to the device of your choice.

Convenience of use

The USB5031A is not only widely versatile and very practical, but its use is also comfortable. Thanks to the fact that the cable length is 1m, you can freely use the device you are charging. Indulge yourself in convenience and functionality with Duracell!

Wide compatibility

The Duracell cable is equipped with USB-A and USB-C connectors, so it is very versatile and you can use it with many different devices. Conveniently charge smartphones and tablets equipped with USB-A and USB-C ports, and enjoy fast file transfers!


Manufacturer Duracell
Model USB5031A
Color black
Data transfer speed 5 Gbps
Length 1 m
Ports USB, USB-C
Weight 38 g