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Habotest HT632 digitális páratartalom mérő

9.495 Ft (7.476 Ft + ÁFA)
Maximálisan rendelhető mennyiség: 155!
Cikkszám: 19923
Várható szállítás: 2023. március 31.
Szállítási díj: 1.640 Ft
Habotest HT632 digitális páratartalom mérő - 9.495 Ft -
20 év tapasztalat
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Habotest HT632 digitális páratartalom mérő -

Habotest HT632 moisture meter

The HT632 self-calibrating moisture meter provides precise measurement. The easy-to-read color LCD display will provide you with the most important information. With 7 default settings to choose from, you can easily adjust the operation of the device to your needs. You can also change the unit of measurement. This small and handy meter is suitable for many applications. It requires 3 AAA 1.5V batteries, which must be purchased separately. The HT632 will automatically switch off after a certain period of inactivity.


Comfort of use

The device is equipped with a clear, color HD display. Thanks to it, using the meter is much easier and more comfortable. You can easily read the measurement results. The meter is also lightweight, compact and handy - it provides exceptional comfort of use, and its eventual transport will not cause you any problems.


7 settings - lots of uses

HT632 offers up to 7 settings that allow you to measure the moisture content of many materials - not just wood. This versatile instrument is equally suitable for brick, concrete, gypsum, cement and even paper carton. So you can use it in many ways. The meter also allows you to take an average measurement from multiple points.


Additional benefits

The Habotest brand meter is extremely practical - one of the reasons for this is the included self-calibrating cover. The device can also store data, and thanks to the possibility of changing the measurement unit (°C/°F), it proves to be user-friendly for everyone. The HT632 is easy to operate thanks to its easily accessible buttons. You can quickly turn the meter on and off, as well as select the material.


Brand Habotest
Model HT632
Moisture measurement Range: 0.0-58.0%;
Accuracy: ±2.0%
Temperature Range: -20°C-60°C (-4°F-140°F);
Accuracy: ±1°C
Relative humidity Range: 0-99.9%RH;
Accuracy: ±4%RH
Selection of materials Yes
Multipoint measurement calculated average value Yes
Max/Min Yes
Data hold Yes
Autopower off Yes
Low battery indication Yes
Power supply 3x AAA 1.5V batteries (included)
Weight About 150g
Dimensions 140x60x33mm


EAN 5907489606776
Mennyiség dobozonként 80 szt.
ostatnia dostawa 20.01.2023