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Cable USB-C Mcdodo CA-3151 6A, 1.8m (black)

4.699 Ft (3.700 Ft + ÁFA)
Maximálisan rendelhető mennyiség: 47!
Cikkszám: 28836
Várható szállítás: 2023. április 06.
Szállítási díj: 1.691 Ft
Cable USB-C Mcdodo CA-3151 6A, 1.8m (black) - 4.699 Ft -
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Cable USB-C Mcdodo CA-3151 6A, 1.8m (black) -

Mcdodo CA-3151 USB-C cable, 6A, 1.8m (black)

Are you looking for a cable that will allow you to quickly and safely renew the power in your smartphone? The Mcdodo CA-3151 cable is sure to meet your expectations. The cable offers charging with up to 100 watts of power and 6A amperage. It provides maximum safety during use, and its design is distinguished by above-average durability and resilience. It also features a light indicator that will inform you of the charging status.

Enjoy fast charging

You no longer have to wait indefinitely for your device to be ready for use again. The cable allows you to charge with a maximum power of up to 100 watts and an amperage of 6A. This will charge your smartphone or tablet in no time. In addition, the cable allows simultaneous charging and data transmission.

High quality construction

The durable nylon braided cable is characterized by exceptional resistance to wear and tear and mechanical damage. It is also resistant to repeated bending and does not get tangled. The end of the cable has been additionally reinforced, so you can be sure that the cable will serve you for a long time. What's more, it has passed a number of tests that confirm its durability. The high-quality copper cable guarantees fast and stable charging.

For the sake of safety

Safely charge your devices without worrying about damaging them. The product uses specially developed MSC technology and features a dual chip that continuously monitors charging and provides the necessary protection for connected devices. The cable also uses innovative MAPO technology, which will automatically terminate charging when the charge level reaches 100% to prevent overcharging.

Smart LED indicator

The cable features a smart LED light indicator that will let you know your device's charging status. An orange light indicates fast charging, while a blue light indicates sustained charging. The built-in indicators will also help you locate your connected device in the dark.

Manufacturer Mcdodo
Model CA-3151
Color Black
Length 1.8 m
Material Zinc alloy + nylon braid
Maximum power 100W
Current 6A (Max)
Connectors USB-A / USB-C


utolsó szállítmány 14.02.2023