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UGREEN AV128 6,35 mm - 1 m Jack kábel (szürke)

1.899 Ft (1.495 Ft + ÁFA)
Maximálisan rendelhető mennyiség: 86!
Cikkszám: 19574
Várható szállítás: 2023. április 13.
Szállítási díj: 1.640 Ft
UGREEN AV128 6,35 mm - 1 m Jack kábel (szürke) - 1.899 Ft -
20 év tapasztalat
Válogatott, minőségi termékek
Országos szervizháttér


UGREEN AV128 6,35 mm - 1 m Jack kábel (szürke) -

UGREEN AV128 cable - excellent audio quality

Audio cable 6.5 mm to 6.35 mm UGREEN AV128 offers excellent quality, clear sound. It is compatible with many instruments and devices, so you can enjoy a new, unforgettable musical experience. The high-quality silver-plated conductor and gold-plated connectors guarantee fast, reliable signal transmission.


Enjoy wide compatibility

UGREEN AV128 invites you to a real musical feast. You can easily use this practical cable to connect an electric guitar, microphone, amplifier, audio mixer or speaker. Such a large compatibility gives you almost unlimited possibilities to play with the sound!


Reliable connection

The silvery conductor is responsible for providing you with an instant, yet stable audio signal transmission. Thanks to it you will say goodbye to delays and other similar problems. This delicate part of the cable is protected by a braided, nylon coating, which is resistant to scratches, bending or abrasion.


High-end connectors

Gold plated cable connectors are distinguished by their corrosion resistance, durability and solid workmanship. They have been designed in such a way that they do not fall out or come loose when plugged into the appropriate sockets. Additional protection is provided by a durable zinc cover.


Producent UGREEN
Product Code 10636
Model AV128
Color Grey
Lenght plugins 6.35 mm
Material Pure copper 
Lenght 1 m