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USB cable Joyroom S-1230G12 2in1 USB-C / Lightning 3A 1.2m (black)

1.175 Ft (925 Ft + ÁFA)
Maximálisan rendelhető mennyiség: 133!
Cikkszám: 26645
Várható szállítás: 2023. április 06.
Szállítási díj: 1.691 Ft
USB cable Joyroom S-1230G12 2in1 USB-C / Lightning 3A 1.2m (black) - 1.175 Ft -
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USB cable Joyroom S-1230G12 2in1 USB-C / Lightning 3A 1.2m (black) -

Joyroom S-1230G12 2-in-1 USB-C / Lightning USB cable

Get the ability to conveniently charge up to 2 devices at the same time. Joyroom S-1230G12 cable is equipped with 2 connectors - USB-C and Lightning. This allows you to connect equipment from different manufacturers - for example, an iPhone and a Xiaomi smartphone. It offers a maximum current of 3A and is extremely durable. It also ensures the safety of use.

Charge 2 devices at the same time

Going on a trip? You no longer need to take an additional cable with you to charge, for example, your iPhone and your passenger's phone at the same time. The Joyroom cable is perfect for use in the car - just plug it into the charger. It will also make it easier for you to keep your desk organized. Say goodbye to the need for multiple cables and charge 2 devices at the same time with one cable!

Fast charging

Don't wait too long until your devices are ready to use again. The cable offers fast charging - it will restore power to your chosen devices in no time. It also offers a total amperage of 3A. Moreover, when using only one cable, the amperage reaches 2A.

Safety of use

The cable has been equipped with an intelligent IC chip, thanks to which it allows not only fast, but also safe charging. The solutions used allowed to significantly reduce energy consumption, also allowed to speed up data transfer. You also do not have to worry that the product will overheat.

Robust construction

This practical cable will serve you well for a long time. Its connectors are protected by an aluminum alloy housing, which is resistant to wear and corrosion. The cable is also extremely durable - it will not be intimidated by bending or pulling. You don't have to worry about it being damaged!


Brand Joyroom
Name Y-Splitter Charging Cable
Model S-1230G12
Color Black
Type USB to USB-C + Lightning
Current 3A (max)
Material Aluminum alloy + nylon braid
Length 1.2m (70cm + 50cm)