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Wall charger UGREEN CD275, 2x USB-C, 1x USB, 65W (white)

10.340 Ft (8.141 Ft + ÁFA)
Maximálisan rendelhető mennyiség: 34!
Cikkszám: 25684
Várható szállítás: 2023. április 12.
Szállítási díj: 1.654 Ft
Wall charger UGREEN CD275, 2x USB-C, 1x USB, 65W (white) - 10.340 Ft -
20 év tapasztalat
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Wall charger UGREEN CD275, 2x USB-C, 1x USB, 65W (white) -

UGREEN CD275 charger, 2x USB-C, 1x USB, 65W (white)

Equip yourself with the UGREEN CD275 charger and replenish the power of many types of equipment! The product offers 2 USB-C ports and a single USB-A input. It supports fast charging protocols and allows you to connect 3 devices at once. It also features the application of a number of security features.

Wide compatibility

Use the UGREEN CD275 to charge a variety of devices. You will successfully use it to supplement the energy of smartphones, laptops, tablets and other equipment. Use the USB-C and USB-A ports to restore power to up to 3 devices at once.

Charging speed

The CD275 supports fast charging protocols and features a maximum power output of 65 watts. This means you'll turn over 75% of your MacBook Pro 13's power in 60 minutes. The iPhone Pro Max will be charged to 55% in 30 minutes, while the Huawei P50 Pro will get 50% of its full power in that time.

Thoughtful design

The charger's lightweight, compact design supports easy transportation and storage. What's more, it offers technologies to protect your equipment from short-circuiting, overloading or overcharging. It is also resistant to fire and high temperatures. Opt for a combination of functionality and protection - no compromises!


Manufacturer UGREEN
Model CD275
Power 65 W
Ports 2 x USB-C, 1 x USB-A
Input 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz, 1.8 A Max
Material Fire-resistant PC
Weight 133 g
Dimensions 62 x 51 x 32 mm