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Xiaomi Wanbo Projector X1 Mini 720p Yellow EU

47.656 Ft (37.524 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: WANBOXS01
Cikkszám: 13279
Várható szállítás: 2023. április 13.
Szállítási díj: 1.640 Ft
Xiaomi Wanbo Projector X1 Mini 720p Yellow EU - 47.656 Ft - Brand new original, retail pack
20 év tapasztalat
Válogatott, minőségi termékek
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Xiaomi Wanbo Projector X1 Mini 720p Yellow EU -

Fresh Classic - Charming Favourite
Large Screen / Small and Portable / Plentiful Interface

Mini Projector

Go on a trip at anytime, real palm projectors are exquisitely crafted with the design of using at ease.

Beautiful and not like a Capability Style

  • Brightness - 200ansilm
  • Support 1080p
  • 3W Independent Phonemic

Beauty and Justice

Beautiful both for front and back, attractive and connotative.

Textured Adjustment

Pure metal ball with diameter of 12mm, quality life for you.

Full Glass Lens - Clear and Durable

Pure glass lens with three-Layers Coatung, much clear and durable. 20000+ Hours, See the world with a beam of light.

Support 1080p Decoding
Enjoy large warm picture

Small projection, big picture, wherever in living room or room, private cinema for you at any time anywhere with a wall only.

High Quality Sound - From Large Cavity

Natural sound, comfortable and full wrapped with the sound, be personally on the scene.

Plentiful Interfaces - More Possibilities

HDMI interface transmits high-quality audio and image signals, just play freely both at home and outdoors to meet needs of diversified requirements.

  • USB
  • Headphone
  • AV
  • HDMI

Double Fans, Low Noise

Excellent heat dissipation system, ensure the projector keeps low noise always in case of good heat dissipation (30db/m)


  • Screen technology: LCD
  • Projector
    • LED light source
    • Supported resolution: up to 1920x1080 px (Full HD)
    • Native resolution: HD 1280 x 720 px
    • Brightness: 200 ANSI lumens
    • LED light lifetime: 20000 hours
  • Projection
    • Projection Ratio: 1.35: 1
    • Screen aspect ratio: 16: 9
    • Best projection size: 40 to 120, 40 to 60 in daylight, 60 to 100 at night
    • Focus correction: manual with its joystick
  • Supported formats
    • Movie format: .MPG / .AV / .MOV / .MKV / .MP4
    • Audio format: .MP3 / .AMM / .AAC / .M4a
    • Image format: .JPG / .JPEG / .BMP / .GIF /.PNG/ .GIF
  • Features:
    • Low noise with two fans, 30 to 40 dB
    • 3W speaker
  • Interface:
    • 1 x USB 2.0
    • 1 x AV
    • 1 x HDMI
    • 1 x Electrical connection
  • Power
    • DC power input
    • Voltage: 100 ~ 240V, 50-60 Hz